Automatic Pallet Wrappers

Ring Wrapper

High speed Rotary Ring Pallet Wrapper, capable of wrapping up to 120 pallets per hour. The Ring wrapper is one of the most robust pallet wrappers on the market, offering automatic film change, which means the operation can run without interruption.

Ideal for high volume producers especially the food and drink manufacturers

Options of top sheet dispenser and hold down platen are available with this machine.

The A800 is the name of the new Technowrapp pallet wrapping machine with rotating ring and four uprights that allow for stabilization and hermetical
sealing of palletized loads, resulting in time, space and packaging film savings. The main features of the new pallet wrapper are,high resolution speed,
the possibility of handling pallets of different sizes and an extremely solid piece of wrapping equipment. The machine output exceeds 130 pallets per hour,
and the power pre stretch film supply allows for the stretch of up to 300% by means of a balanced unwinding system, in this way the film elasticity properties are preserved without affecting the load edges. The pallet wrapper is also equipped with an automatic locking device of the ring carriage, this allows maintenance and checking operations to take place in a safe environment. The ring is light and resistant to put up with high rotation and acceleration and combined with the thickness of the steel frame this ensures maximum stability. The pallet wrapper is a market leader in technology and ideal for the higher volume user. The combination of the Easypak installation and support in the UK combined with the Technowrapp technology and innovation makes this a winning combination for any customer considering installation of a high speed pallet wrapping line.

Rotary Arm Wrapper

This pallet wrapper being one of the leading rotary arm wrappers on the
market, capable of upto 80 pallets per hour.
Options of top sheet dispenser and hold down platen are available with this

Automatic Turntable Wrapper

For users of up to 40 pallets per hour, this machine is the ideal entry to pallet wrapper automation.